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Highly qualified, enthusiastic, creative staff Director Nguyen Ngoc Thang affirmed that the awards and The achievement TuyenThang Co., Ltd. are a very worthy result after the relentless efforts of the whole team, always working together, constantly creating, breaking through the difficulties of the times. This honor belongs to the collective of employees and is also a great motivation for TuyenThang Co., Ltd. continue to promote its strengths, improve competitiveness, contribute to affirm the value of Vietnamese brands in the process of global integration.

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Customers are always satisfied and trust TuyenThang Co., Ltd. by our business philosophy always ensure the credibility: Strictly comply with all signed contracts, On schedule, the best quality products and services with the most reasonable price.

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By a team of highly qualified workers, modern equipment, products and services with the same price of project apartments provided by TUYENTHANG CO., LTD. always ensure top quality in the market.

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Due to the implementation of effective management measures, products and services at the same price as project apartments by TUYENTHANG CO., LTD. The development is always competitively priced and has great appeal in the market compared to similar products, services and apartments.

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To develop and succeed, all works constructed by TUYENTHANG CO., LTD. are always guaranteed on schedule according to the signed contracts.

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